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Donald A. Dake Summer Music Academy June 19-24, 2016


What is the South Bend Symphony Orchestra Donald A. Dake Summer Music Academy?
The SBSO Donald A. Dake Summer Music Academy was created in 2001 as an outstanding, local, and affordable option to more expensive summer camps. The Dake Academy is designed to challenge high school students entering grades 9-12 and students who have graduated from high school in 2016 with a focus on chamber music and small ensembles. Our exceptional faculty members are the principal musicians of the South Bend Symphony and the internationally renowned Maestro Tsung Yeh.

The week-long academy is held at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN and includes: individual and group instruction, participation in chamber ensembles (duets, trios, quartets, etc.) and the Academy Orchestra, masterclasses, seminars/classes, public performances, conducting seminar with Maestro Tsung Yeh, and a community tour.

When and where is the Donald A. Dake Summer Music Academy?
June 19-24, 2016
Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN
The community tour locations will be announced in June.


Who is eligible to participate in the Donald A. Dake Summer Music Academy?
Students who play wind and string instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, F horn, trombone, violin, viola, cello, double bass) and are entering into grades 9-12 are eligible. Students who will be graduating from high school in 2016 may also apply. Students who are entering grades 7 or 8 may only apply if they meet a high school playing level.


What are the daily hours?
Sunday, June 19, 2016 – 1:00-5:00 p.m. (location TBA)
June 20, 21, 22, 23 - 1:00-8:00 p.m.
Friday, June 24, 2016 – Performance Tour – Time TBA and Gala Concert 7:30 p.m. at O’Laughlin Auditorium, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana


How much is tuition?

  • EARLY BIRD RATE!!! If your recordings and applications and $25 deposit are postmarked or electronically submitted no later than Friday, April 15, 2016, you will receive the Early Bird tuition rate of $150. If you are unable to pay the deposit fee at the time of application, please contact Christina Gibson, SBSO Director of Education.
  • If materials are postmarked or electronically submitted April 16-29, 2016 tuition is $175 for the week
  • There are full and partial need-based scholarships available.
  • Tuition covers: instruction, music, food, community tour transportation, polo shirt for performance and complimentary tickets for the 2016-2017 SBSO season!


Why is tuition so much lower than other camps? Is this a legitimate musical offering?
The Dake Summer Music Academy is an engaging and fun week that is designed to be a local and affordable alternative option to other more expensive summer music camps. We have very generous sponsors for our Dake Summer Music Academy. Students only pay roughly 30-40% of the total cost for the week (total estimated value for 2016 is $450 per student). A huge thank you to our generous sponsors: The Georgina Joshi Foundation and Mr. Lloyd Palmiter!!!


When is tuition due?

  • There is a deposit due of $25 when the application is submitted.
  • The remainder of the tuition is due on the first day of the Dake Summer Music Academy.
  • Payment arrangements can be made with Christina Gibson, SBSO Director of Education

How do I register?

  • Download the Application - Word format | PDF format
  • Record your audition onto a CD, DVD, e-mailed computer files or YouTube link. All audition information is found on the website.
  • If you are in need of financial assistance to help cover your tuition fees, please include a letter demonstrating financial need with your application materials. Scholarship materials must be postmarked or electronically submitted by April 15, 2016.
  • Students interested in attending the Donald A. Dake Summer Music Academy should have their applications postmarked or electronically submitted by Friday, April 15 to receive Early Bird tuition.

What are the audition requirements for the recording?
All students must submit a recording on CD, DVD, e-mailed computer files or YouTube link. Recordings should include all of the following:

  • A scale of your choice (please perform the appropriate number of octaves for your instrument). The scale should be performed at both a slow and fast tempo.
  • Two contrasting musical selections (each must be at least one minute in length)


    • A technical etude and a lyrical solo
    • A technical solo and a lyrical solo
    • A technical section and slow section of one larger work

When are applications and recordings due?

  • Friday, April 15, 2016 - to ensure Early Bird tuition fees ($150) and scholarship applicants
  • April 16-29, 2016 – applications will still be accepted and regular tuition fees ($175) will apply
  • We can only accept applications after April 29, 2016 if there are vacancies available as all playing assignments and ensembles will be assigned in May.

Where do I send my application, recordings and deposit/tuition?
South Bend Symphony Orchestra
Attn: Dake Summer Music Academy
127 North Michigan Street
South Bend, IN 46601
e-mail: or


How do I apply for a need-based scholarship?
Please have your parent or guardian submit a letter of financial need. All information will be kept confidential. Your letter, application and recordings must be postmarked or electronically submitted no later than Friday, April 15, 2016. After that date, we cannot guarantee scholarships.


When will I know if I have received a scholarship?
If you are applying for a scholarship, your application and audition recordings will need to be postmarked on or before Friday, April 15, 2016. We will let you know if you have received a scholarship by April 30.


What is the conducting seminar?
If you have ever wanted to learn to stand in front of an orchestra and conduct, this seminar is for you! Taught by Maestro Tsung Yeh, students will have an opportunity to learn conducting techniques and will each get to conduct the faculty members in a special session!


How are ensembles selected?
Ensembles are based on the level and quality of performance of the audition recording submitted and by instrumentation. Students are placed in ensembles where they will be the most successful.


When do I receive my music for the Donald A. Dake Summer Music Academy?
You will receive your materials by the first week of June.


When and where do we perform?
On Friday, students will perform with their chamber ensembles at various venues throughout the community during the day. They will perform in the Academy Gala Concert on Friday evening at O’Laughlin Auditorium, Saint Mary’s College Campus.


As ensembles and music will be assigned in early May, refunds on the $25 deposit and/or full payment can only be guaranteed until May 31. If for any reason, a student is not selected for the Dake Academy, deposits will be refunded.


Dake Summer Music Academy Faculty
Maestro Tsung Yeh

Zofia Glashauser, SBSO Concertmaster
Nicolas Orbovich, SBSO Principal Violin II
Gabriel Schlaffer, SBSO Principal Viola
Lara Turner, SBSO Principal Cello
Ed Randles, SBSO Principal Bass
Leslie Short, SBSO Principal Flute
Jennet Ingle, SBSO Principal Oboe
Trevor O’Riordan, SBSO Principal Clarinet
Kurt Civillette, SBSO Principal Horn
Jason Kramer, SBSO Associate Principal Bassoon


But wait! There’s more!!!
Students who attend Dake also will receive:

  • Complimentary tickets to all South Bend Symphony Orchestra concerts for the 2016-2017 season!
  • Opportunities to attend masterclasses and work with faculty members throughout the season
  • Opportunities to meet and greet guest soloists during the season
  • Access to SBSO rehearsals and observe how the professionals rehearse
  • Special invitations to Dake Alumni reunions and events

The Georgina Joshi Foundation, Inc

Mr. Lloyd Palmiter


If you have any questions regarding the application or the audition requirements, please contact:

For additional information, please contact:
Christina Gibson, Director of Education
Phone: 574-232-6343


Symphony Administrative Office

Morris Performing Arts Center Box Office

574-235-9190 or 800-537-6415
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